How my dream of traveling to england france switzerland and germany came true

If you screwed things up or did everything right and even was the first of your class, all this will impact your life in a different way. The interesting thing is that as soon as they finish one construction, they start another one right away.

In Lucerne, Switzerland we went up Mt. I have many reasons to think so, some of them are very personal, others I am happy to share with you on this post.

These bars are built in abandoned buildings and lots and feature funky art installations and decor. Our first hotel in Germany, Hotel Montag, was near the Rhine River and close to one of many old castles that dotted the hillsides. Rail passes make is easy to get from country to country on a relatively small budget.

The next day, I was sad to say goodbye to Rob he was staying in Paris for a few more days. What about your dreams. Get lost in Paris The city of lights is everything people say it is. As you know I am someone who is living for dreams.

Pilatus, tasted fine Swiss chocolate, browsed the famous coo coo clocks, and even got to attend a folk dinner. This is not an example of text written by our writers. I also did not know any Swiss people before moving there and it was my first time living alone, which only made things harder.

Some love Geneva, others hate it. So without further ado, here are the 9 reasons why I hated living in Geneva: Whether you are a soon to be exchange student, a parent of one, or a former exchange student like myself, here are my 12 reasons to live abroad when you are a teenager: Hang out in Scandinavia My favorite region in Europe is Scandinavia.

The same language is spoken and their currency, the pound, is very similar to an U. And you will never be the same again, welcome to the world of having different homes. Harrods, where the royal family shops, supposedly sales any and everything.


With whale watching in the summer and the northern lights in the winter, there really is no bad time to visit. Our friendly gondolier ably moved us through the canals, expertly ducking when we traveled under the low bridges.

With my knowledge of the French language and an idea about French life I came to love Paris. I was on my own for a few more days in London. I always had this thing for living abroad, learning languages and traveling the world, so doing something like that was always part of a dream, which came true.

First, finding a parking spot in Geneva is almost impossible, unless you find one of the private parking, which of course, you have to pay a fortune to park your car there.

Especially when I knew that just across the border, in France, you could find normal prices for the same things.

Backpacking Europe Travel Guide

My potential travel partners either lacked the time or the money or both. Paris with its French cuisine, romantic atmosphere and historical self-being fills you with a sense of complete contentment. Since my childhood I dreamed about traveling around the world.

12 reasons to live abroad when you are a teenager

Last year in summer my dream finally came true. I took a trip to Europe. I traveled to Switzerland, Slovenia, Slovakia, Austria, Germany, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Netherlands, Belgium, France and Italy. About My Dream Came True At My Dream Came True, you can discover bucket-list-worthy adventures all over the world.

While you're here, you can submit a story idea ; submit a guest post ; or share your thoughts, comments, or questions. Ever since I was a little girl I dreamed about traveling overseas.

Strange lands, exciting places, and new cultures have always fascinated me. How My Dream of Traveling to England, France, Switzerland and Germany Came True PAGES 1. WORDS View Full Essay. More essays like this. It was a mad scramble of joyful experiences as we were transported to 4 countries:France,Switzerland, Germany and Italy.

A great staff with Cary Walker at the lead, our group gelled happily. Cary kept things moving and was always available to help us get ready for the next stop or a new country! Exactly 4 years ago I was making a big change in my life by moving from Brazil to Switzerland – with my traveling dog, Enzzo – to begin my Master degree in International Relations.I know that I don’t often mention the part of my life which I lived in Geneva here on the blog, but for the first time I am opening my heart about the most challenging year of my life to you.

This past summer my dream finally came true. I got to travel to England, France, Switzerland, and Germany with Mme. Kelly and five other girls, and suddenly the world was at my fingertips. England's green hills and city life is unforgettable.

How my dream of traveling to england france switzerland and germany came true
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